Jessica Miller Dressage partners with West Horse Farm!

Jessica and Hertog win High Point at August 4 2018 Yarra Yarra show, taking home 500.00 in awards.

Jessica has partnered with West Coast Horse Farm to bring Europe's finest, quality dressage horses to the Bay Area!!


We make sure we only bring well-trained, well-breed and well behaved horses to our sale barn.  We offer the quality young horses, schoolmasters, Jr./Young Rider and High Performance horses to you here in California, so nobody should have to fly over the pond to find a good quality horse.


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Hoosmoor Dressage Show

May 5th Jessica took Hertog to his first ever competition. Hertog competed First Level Test 1 and 2 and received a 71 and 73% respectively.

"Hertog was amazing in every aspect of this show.  He was super behaved and poised for the show arena, and was also great for the warm up, trailering, braiding,  every little thing he was asked to do, he did very very well."



Boytano went to this show, only three weeks after coming to Jessica in CA.  Boytano did 4th Level Test 2 and did a good job with a 66%!  Not bad after only being with his new rider for 3 weeks!  Boytano was also a star at the show.  "They were so great at the show, I am looking for the next competition!"

Congratulations To Jessica’s student, Charlotte Higgins for getting Champion in Equitation at the Junior Championships!!!!

Congratulations To Jessica’s student,

 Charlotte Higgins, for getting 

Champion in Equitation 

at the Junior Championships!!!!